GNOS and Gene Torrent FAQs

Can I make some analyses in GNOS off-limits to certain users?

Yes. GNOS allows you to assign analyses to different "studies." Each study can have a different set of authorized users.

Can I download an analysis directly from the GNOS UI?

This is not currently possible. Instead, use the GNOS UI to locate an analysis_id, then use the Gene Torrent client to download the analysis.

How do I delete an analysis from GNOS?

We have scripts for that.

How do I edit metadata?

To edit an analysis' metadata, edit the original metadata xml files and re-upload them to GNOS. This step is necessary to ensure that your edited metadata complies with your organization's metadata standards.

Where can I download the GeneTorrent client?

If you are accessing the CG Hub or Pan-Cancer repositories, you can download earlier versions of GT here.

Downloads for GeneTorrent version 4 are available here

Can I use gnosquery to find recently submitted files?

Yes. You can use gnosquery to search for any files, even files that have been suppressed or files that have not yet reached the "live" state.

How do "studies" in GNOS work?

A GNOS repository can be split into two or more studies. Each study can have its own metadata standard, and upload and download access can be configured on a study-by-study basis.

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