STARInsight FAQs

Can I Upload My Own Genomic Data?

Yes. At present, we can ingest single nucleotide polymorphisms in the form of .vcf files. We plan to support other data types in the future. 

The data that you ingest will be shared among other users in your STARInsight domain, but will not be visible to anybody else.

Can I Upload My Own Clinical Metadata?

Yes, subject to our privacy policy, which requires clinical metadata to be anonymized.

STARInsight supports flexible metadata standards. The only required fields are "Project ID" and a unique record id which maps back to the original VCF ingested into the system. Beyond that, metadata can vary on a project-by-project basis.

What are STARInsight's Security Features?

We take the security of your genomic data and clinical metadata seriously, and offer the following security features. 

  • Automatic user lockouts after three failed login attempts
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Data storage within an SSAE-16 certified colocation facility
  • Logging of important system transactions (user logins, changes in user permissions, etc.)

Do I Need Any Special Software to Interact with STARInsight?

No. All interaction with STARInsight occurs through the browser.

At present, we are focused on supporting the Chrome browser. The product is usable with other browsers like Firefox but you may see some styling issues.

Can I Run My Own Analysis Scripts?

STARInsight comes packaged with tertiary analysis tools like K Means and Principal Component Analysis. STARInsight also presents a notebook interface that allows you to analyze data stored on the platform using your own code without having to translate that code from R, Python, etc.

Can I Export Data?

You can download the results of STARInsight's tertiary analysis tools for visualization and follow-up analysis outside the platform. You can also use the Variant Exporter app to export raw genetic data.

How are Job Results and Analysis Sets Shared Between Users?

Users from the same STARInsight domain share access to the same data projects. However, one user within a domain does not have the option of viewing or changing another's jobs or analysis sets.

How do I Get Started?

Contact us to get started with a trial using publicly available reference data.

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