Relabel Plots and Other New Features

Relabel Your Plots

After running a PCA analysis, you will notice that a dropdown appears for each project included in the analysis set. Selecting a dropdown reveals the metadata fields corresponding to each project.

Selecting different combinations of metadata will allow you to relabel your plot. In the example below we have relabeled the label value for ICGC and 1000 Genomes Project samples from "Project ID" to "Project Code" and "Population", respectively.

This changes reveals common ancestry between samples from the "Japanese in Tokyo" 1000 Genomes Project and the "LIRI-JP" ICGC project code.

This ability to relabel plots is ideal for revealing commonality between samples from different projects where metadata may have the same meaning, but is worded differently.

A real world example would be two projects where smoking history is represented in different ways: "Smoker/Non-Smoker" vs. "Smoking History - Yes / Smoking History - No."

Return Additional PCA Factors

The PCA job launch modal now includes an option for you to specify more than two PCA factors (at least two factors are always returned).

Additional factors can be reviewed by selecting the "Get Results CSV" button at the bottom right hand corner of the PCA results screen.

A New Way to Include or Exclude Samples

You can build an Analysis Set by selecting "facets" from the sidebar of the Search page. For example, checking the "TSI - Toscani in Italy" will select the 107 samples with that metadata attribute.

But you might only want to select a few samples from that population. In this case, you would use the selectors in the far left column to pick five suitable samples. After un-checking the TSI facet, those five samples would remain. These samples are marked "Always Included" and are shaded green.

Similarly, you might want to exclude a few samples from the JPT population, but keep the rest. In this case, you would pick the facet for that population, and then use the "X" control to remove those samples. "Always Excluded" samples are shaded gray.

Bugs Fixed

  • We fixed an issue that prevented STARInsight metadata from appearing on certain networks.
  • Alignment issues and UI fixes.
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