A New Way to Create Analysis Sets

We make frequent improvements to our STARInsight product, with new features and fixes coming every one to three weeks. These enhancements arrived in our most recent release.

Create an Analysis Set From A Plot

Analysis sets are the building blocks for the research that you do in STARInsight. Normally, you create analysis sets from the Search page by selecting metadata "facets" from the left side of the screen.

The latest version of STARInsight allows you to create Analysis Sets directly from a Principal Component Analysis or K Means plot. If you spot an interesting cluster of samples and want to analyze them further, drag your cursor over them and hit the "Save" button that appears. After giving the analysis set a name and description you'll be able to use this like the analysis sets you create from the Search page.

Use Filter Sets on All Apps

You might notice that the BED file selector has disappeared from the dialogues that appear before you launch a PPCA, K-Means, or Variant Exporter app. Instead, you can now use a Pre-Processing Filter Set to specify the variant positions that you want to use before you launch a job.

Besides BED files, you can use filter sets to include or exclude variants based on Chromosome:Position coordinates, Quality Score, and Read Depth. For detailed information about how to use filter sets, read more here.

Resize Sidebars

Many users told us that they wanted to resize the sidebar to reveal more information about metadata and analysis sets. This is now ready.


Things We Fixed

  • Notebooks will now launch without having to provide an imputation rule.
  • A glitch that required users to add 1 to the ending position on a BED file before running K Means jobs has been fixed by moving to the use of Filter Sets.
  • K means Clusters are now grouping as expected.
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