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How can I share a notebook with somebody else in my domain?

Administrators in a STARInsight domain can see every notebook. Researchers may currently only see notebooks which they have personally created, or which have been assigned to them by a Notebook Owner.

Can I share a notebook with someone who is not a user in my domain?

Not right now. Accessing a notebook requires logging in to the domain where the notebook was created.

How do I get a library which is not currently available on my notebook server?

Contact us at

Can I upload custom metadata to use in the notebook?

Yes, within the restrictions of our privacy policy (which requires that all metadata be anonymized.) We provide notebook users with a protected "scratch space" repository called the Vault where CSVs or other files containing custom metadata can be uploaded. Files in this repository can be accessed from the notebook via directory commands like setwd().

Is there a way to export the results of a notebook as a PDF?

At present, notebooks can be exported as .htm files.

When a notebook is created, does data leave STARInsight?

No. While you interact with the notebook in a separate user interface, your data never leaves STARInsight.

Can I upload my own files to the notebook?

As a STARInsight user, your domain will have access to a limited amount of scratch space for custom annotation files, clinical metadata, RNA-Seq data, etc. You can pull files from the scratch space into notebook paragraphs, or write results files to the scratchspace.

At present there is no way to upload or download files directly from your desktop.

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