Admins Have a New Option to Control Data Access

Controlled Projects

STARInsight allows data administrators to create private data projects which can only be seen by users in one STARInsight domain. We are excited to announce an additional layer of data security: controlled projects. Controlled projects require individual researchers to enter special credentials before they can access data contained within that project. These credentials can be stored externally in a third party system of record. Here's how it works...

If a domain contains one or more controlled projects, users will see a new section of the "My Profile" page where they can supply their credentials.

Clicking the "Update" button triggers a modal where the user can enter his access credentials (typically a username and password). If the user's name is on the approved list for that project, the controlled project will become visible on the Search page, and the user will be able to create new Analysis Sets with the data, launch jobs, and create notebooks.

STARInsight checks the user's access permissions for the controlled project regularly. If the user's access to the project lapses, they will no longer be able to view the controlled project on the Search page. STARInsight will also prohibit them from launching new jobs or notebooks with analysis sets that contain samples from the controlled project.

Completed results and notebooks containing data from the controlled projects will remain available to the end user.

This feature is ideal for research consortia or any other organization that wishes to share access to genomic data in a controlled manner with large groups of external researchers. Contact us for a consultation on how Annai can best configure data security controls for your project.

Revamped Results Grid

You can create a new analysis set directly from the results grids of a K-Means or pPCA job. This is a quick way to select outlying samples for further analysis. In this release, we've tweaked the behavior of the sample selector to allow you to make multiple selections in different parts of the plot before hitting "Save." Deselect samples with the "Clear" button.

To pan around the results grid, hold the SHIFT button before clicking and dragging.

Other Usability Improvements

  • K Means results files now include a column indicating a sample's assigned K-cluster (instead of just distance to centroid values for all clusters).
  • Help links have been installed on the create notebook modals.
  • Users may choose to disable the tool-tips which appear on mouse-over in different parts of the application. This control can be found on the "My Profile" page.

Things We Fixed

  • RS ID values were missing from the results of some Variant Exporter jobs.
  • Notebooks would not sort correctly in the notebook table view.
  • It is no longer necessary to refresh the page before opening the "Options" menu on a new notebook.
  • The "Unsaved Changes" warning only appears after you have selected a metadata facet or made another change on the Search page.
  • The "Samples Included..." and "Samples Excluded..." values now populate correctly on app results pages.
  • The Variant Exporter now functions correctly when exporting positions with multiple alleles.
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